Alma and Joe | Northwest Raleigh, near RDU Airport

“We love that Noelle is so close so we can call upon her for household tasks that we can no longer accomplish on our own.

Karen | N. Raleigh Long Lake

I loved the surprise birthday party Noelle put together for me this year. It was a perfect and a total surprise with all my loved ones there to greet me. I especially loved the decorations she used and how well it was organized!”

Laura | N. Raleigh, Stonehenge

Noelle saved my neck when I forgot my son’s birthday. He lives near Stonehenge in Raleigh NC and there was no way I was going to get a gift there in time. I called My Errand Girl and Noelle quickly came to my aid. She purchased and delivered a gift and card to my sons front door. Not only did she deliver it promptly but she took a picture with the gift in his wife’s hand to reassure me. I really appreciated this jesture because of the distance.”

Karen | Downtown Raleigh

I am so grateful for My Errand Girl. I had a package that arrived while I was on vacation and was left on the front door step. I live near NC State campus and did not know anyone. I was afraid it would get stolen. Noelle took my call and within an hour she was on the road to my dwelling to pick it up. I was able to retrieve it when I returned and until then could enjoy my vacation with peace of mind.”